Gary and Terri GilmourBuilding a Legacy

Gary ’83 and Terri ’84 Gilmour say that the education they received at University of Puget Sound prepared them for success, that the friendships they made have lasted a lifetime, and, perhaps the greatest compliment of all, that they hope someday their grandchildren may follow in their footsteps.

“We have four grandchildren, and we will be thrilled if they someday consider Puget Sound,” says Terri. “I know they would get an excellent education, and they would benefit from the small size, liberal arts culture, and the wonderful community and learning environment.”

Many years ago, Gary and Terri decided to become annual donors to Puget Sound. “When we were in a position to start supporting organizations that we care about, we thought about the life-shaping education we received at Puget Sound,” says Gary, a human resources director for the U.S. Navy. “I don’t think I could have done what I’ve been able to do without the mentoring, coaching, and education I found at Puget Sound.”

Recently, Gary and Terri decided to make the additional commitment to include the university in their will. “The enduring mission of Puget Sound is to provide young people with a wonderful education that will prepare them to have a remarkable impact on all facets of commerce, industry, public service, and social life,” says Terri, a retired nonprofit professional. “We want to do our part to help sustain that, and we’re passionate about supporting students with financial needs, [so they] get the quality education that we received.”

For Gary and Terri, their relationship with their alma mater is a rich, ongoing love affair. “Our best friends are Loggers, we read every issue of Arches, we have connected with alumni chapters in other cities, and we try to visit campus at least once each year,” says Terri.

“We’re proud Loggers,” agrees Gary. “University of Puget Sound just means an awful lot to us.”