Jon OrozcoMaking a Puget Sound education a reality

Growing up in Tacoma, Jon Orozco ’07 had always heard about University of Puget Sound, but it wasn’t until he arrived on campus for a debate tournament during his sophomore year of high school that he felt a real connection with the university.

Jon dreamed of becoming a Logger, but never thought he would be able to afford a Puget Sound education. Thanks to scholarships and financial aid, his dream became reality. As a double major in History and Business, Jon says his Puget Sound education has made him more prepared to navigate life. "I had such a profound experience, that still 10 years later, I remember my professors and what they taught me," he said. "I was inspired by them to learn every day."

Recently, Jon included the university in his will to make a Puget Sound education accessible to future students who may not otherwise have the opportunity. “I was given a fair shake for my education, and now it is my turn to give a fair shake to the next generation of students,” he said.

Jon currently works as a human resources administrator. Most recently, he has served as part of the Tacoma chapter of the alumni council, volunteered with Summer Reunion Weekend, and has served as a class agent. 

"When I think of my time at UPS, I think of the strong educational foundation it provided me with," he said.