John StarbardBuilding a Legacy

From his youth John Starbard ’85 was advised of the value of a liberal arts degree, even if he foresaw a career in a technical profession. Today he credits much of his success as a city planner to his Puget Sound experience. "I knew how to tackle a problem, how to evaluate opportunities, how to communicate. That made me stand out as a leader, and has been a cornerstone of my career," said John. 

John stayed connected to Puget Sound through a close group of friends. Last year, he volunteered as president of the class of 1985 and spearheaded the class’ 30th reunion. He had an exceptional experience on campus, and left feeling very proud and confident in the university's future. He saw an alertness and energy in the students that gave him confidence that they are developing the same talents he did. 

He is proud to have named Puget Sound in his estate plan to celebrate his own experience and offer an excellent education for future leaders.